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  • About 400 arba3meyeh

    The popular Arabic Card Game 400 'Arba3meyeh' finally on your Apple Device!

    The first 400 'Arba3meyeh' game online and available on all IOS & Andriod devices! Get it now on your device and try your best to beat the other team!

    With great graphics, traditional sounds, and superb gameplay, 400 'Arba3meyeh' on your device is a must!

    Win the game by reaching 41 or more points before the opponents! With "Rules" and "How To Play" in "Options"- if you are not already a pro, you'll be a pro in no time!

    This great app also includes a inbuilt Scoreboard that you can see when playing 400 'Arba3meyeh' with cards at home with your family and friends, instead of using paper and pen!

    This scoreboard automatially calculates all scores; sets minimum bets, allows renaming of players and allows you to post your scores to Facebook!


    Sign up now and play 400 'Arba3meyeh' whenever you like and show it off to your family and friends!

  • Customer Reviews

    "This game is fantastic! For any 400 lover like me, its a must have. The creater is brilliant! I love it love it love it!!! Great improvement in gameplay and I don't get trumped. Loving this game!!!"

    "Must have"

    "I'm 54 and play this game every spare minute I have. So very addictive. Love it. Awesome game."

    "Best game"

    "I love this game!! Addicted and can't get enough. Everyone I know has it and loves it and can't stop talking about this traditional card game as an app. AMAZING!"

    "I love 400, and I LOVEE this app!! Everything in a 400 app that you'd want..realistic and fun! Loving it :)"

    "Get it now and play 400 Arba3meyeh whenever you like and show it off to your family and friends!"

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